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Promote Your Music On GistaBlog

We promote Good Music. 
We support Talented Artistes. New Underground Music Videos and Songs are added to this site daily

Are you a Musician?,  Record Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager? Come Lets Showcase your Artiste(s) work  on our Platform and Experience the true Effectiveness of Gistablog Internet promotion.

Take Advantage Of This:-
1. Your Music get Featured on our Website with over 50,000 Page Views Daily.
2. We Promote your Music on our Facebook Page .
3. We Promote your Music on our Twitter Page .
4. We Guarantee nothing less than 20,000 Downloads.
5. Your Artiste get an Official Music Page on GistaBlog

Get your Song Uploaded on Today & Enjoy all of the Above mentioned Advantages & More!!

NOTE:- Apart from the Traditional ways of Promoting your Music on our Website, We also Offer Music/Video Promotion Advertisement e.g

1. Banner Placement of your Artiste Artwork with a Link to the Music Page.
2. Website Background Take over to Ensure your Music/Video reach a Larger Audience.

Advantages of Promoting your Music on GistaBlog :-
=> Your Music get Premiered on our Main Site to all our site visitors.

=> On Facebook Group
 => Gistablog Facebook Group

=> We will build a Complete Music Page for you on our Website with a Link
to your Twitter, Facebook Profile, Also Phone Number will also be
Displayed for easy contact from  your New Fans.

=> You will surely Build a Large Fan-base with Us, and can as well Receive
Maybe Record Labels Proposal [If not Signed Yet].

=> Subscribe to any of our promo offers. Don’t dull yourself. Our prices are pocket friendly.
You WILL NOT find these prices anywhere else! Most other companies are offering what we offer or less, for 2 or even 3 times more! Check the competition. We Strive to get you the best promotional services for the best prices. We know the idea of a “Starving Artist”, we’ve been there! We are here to help all spread good music and underground music!

=> Give yourself this golden opportunity to get heard by hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, Your Music Career will Turn a New Way Around for the Better…

Thank Us Later.

HOTLINE – 08102047854 . (8am – 8pm daily)

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