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How to Write a Declaration of Intent Letter for a Position

How to Write a Declaration of Intent Letter for a Position

If you intend to run for an office, you need to announce your intention and interest in a letter or memo. A declaration of intent letter summarises your identity, personality, drive, experience/capacity, position/post desired, and objectives. It needs to be concise, specific and appealing to the reader.

Basic Format of a Declaration of Intent Letter For a Position 

A letter of intent to run for office has a basic structure:

Greeting: Address it to your target audience or constituents if you can. "Dear Nigerians" is better than "Dear Voters". But Dear Voters will do in a pinch.

Statement of intent: Introduce yourself to the local community. Make note of your involvement in civic organizations or public service. Then state your desire to bring positive change and how your election could have a beneficial effect. Be friendly and engaging so the reader wants to continue.

Your platform: Tell the reader three or more issues on which your campaign plans to focus. Explain why you're the best candidate to take them on and how you plan to address the issues. This should be brief with one or two concise paragraphs and it should be authoritative. 

Organize your main points by mentioning how you've dealt with the issues in the past, your current work in this area and your hopes for future development. You can also ask journalistic questions like "who," "what," "when," "where," "how" and "why" to organize your points.

Make the reader understand why you're the candidate for this particular job.

Declare your interest: Formally state that you intend to run for public office and indicate which office or position and the district. Also, note the date of the election. Briefly express why you want to run. Perhaps it's borne out of your passion for service to humanity, or something specific happened that spurred your aspiration.

Request support from the reader or potential voter: Seek any form of support you expect from your audience. This could be financial, spiritual, or any help regarding your campaign.

Also, explain how potential voters can get more information about you and your platform.

Publish: Finally, you can now publish on blogs, newspaper pages and on your social media timelines.

See a sample of Declaration of Intent to contest by me HERE

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