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How to Install Meta Title & Description in WordPress

How to Install Meta Title & Description

WordPress is the largest CMS in the world with the most users controlling 41% of all websites on the Internet. Many large websites use the WordPress CMS.

But did you know that there is a mandatory optimization method when creating website content but many website owners miss it?

The answer is optimization of the meta description and meta title of the content created.

Then how to install the correct meta title and description in WordPress?

Well on this occasion we will discuss about On-Page SEO, especially optimization in terms of the meta description and title of the website.

The goal is definitely to increase organic clicks so that the number of visitors who come can be more.

So please read the discussion until the end of the article!

What is Meta Title and Description

Meta title and meta description are optimizations used to make content titles and descriptions more attractive.

This meta title and description can also tell Google robots about the content of the article.

For standard optimization usually, the title and description must use targeted keywords.

Well, this way when a visitor types in your website's keywords, you can have the opportunity to appear on Google's SERP.

For example, when a visitor searches for “Cheap Hosting Recommendations” on Google and your article discusses “10 Best Cheap Hosting Recommendations”, then the chances of it appearing are very large.

Moreover, coupled with a meta description that uses the same keywords as visitors.

Why should you use Meta Title and Description?

Maybe there are bloggers who have not optimized the meta title and meta description on their website?

If until now it has not been filled in, it can be ascertained that the website's performance in terms of the number of visits will be quiet.

There are several reasons why you as a website owner should put a meta description and title on the website.

1. Make it easy for search engines to index website pages according to their content.

The Google robot will do indexing starting from the title of the article, heading then the article then ranking in the SERP.

Now the role of this meta title and description will help Google robots know the contents of the article, for that always make the title and description according to the article, don't clickbait.

2. Content is more interesting in the SERP so that it gets more clicks than other websites.

3. Percentage Click To Ratio (CTR) website can be increased by providing keywords in the title and description with keywords.

How to Install Meta Title and Description with Yoast SEO

Now for those of you who are curious, there are several ways to install a meta description and how to install a meta title, but we only practice it with one of the best WordPress plugins, Yoast SEO.

There are other WordPress SEO plugins that you can use such as AIO SEO or Rankmath, but we recommend Yoast SEO because it is easier and faster.

So, here's how:

1. WordPress Login

Please login to your WordPress website account first, if you haven't already changed your default WordPress login using com/wp-admin.

2. Install Yoast SEO

Then please go to the Plugins menu > Add New then write in the search field “ Yoast SEO ”. Please install then activate. If it is successful then your WordPress dashboard menu will have a new menu with the name " SEO ".

3. Create a New Post

Please continue by posting a new article, the Meta Title and Meta Description menus will be located at the bottom of the article.

4. Optimization of Meta Description and Title

Well, this time we will give an example by using an article with the title " 10 Best & Trusted Cheap Hosting Recommendations ", the main keyword focus is " cheap hosting recommendations ".

In the " Focus Keyword " section, please fill in the target keyword, so fill in the keyword recommendation for cheap hosting.

Then the Meta Title by default will be the same as the title of the article you created with the Site Title added.

You can edit by changing the title which is more clickbait so that it brings in more visitors. Also, make sure in this section the title used is not too long so that it can appear all in the Google SERP.

5. Meta Title Writing Tips

Additional tips for the URL slug section, please fill in according to the target keyword, try to use a short URL so that it is easy to remember. The length of the article title is 580 pixels or about 52 characters.

6. Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions

Next for the Meta Description section, please fill in the description of the content you created as attractively as possible and don't forget to have focus keywords. for a length of approximately 920 pixels or about 120-158 characters.

7. Publish Articles

If everything is done, you can immediately publish the article that you have optimized, don't forget to always monitor the keyword ranking in the Google SERP.

Oh yeah, maybe someone is wondering why Meta Keywords are not set at all?

Because currently the Meta Keyword feature in Yoast has been removed, Google has released this info since 2009.

Here, please read about the official news Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking.

So if there are still suggestions to use meta keywords in every article, it is necessary to ask again.

In addition to using the Yoast SEO plugin above, you can install a meta description and title without a plugin, just add a new script.

But it is not recommended because it is more difficult in terms of setting and prone to errors.

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