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10+ Recommended Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

To gain the trust of buyers, testimonials are the key. It has been proven that testimonials can increase the trust of buyers by up to 80%.

So, testimonials are very important for those who use online media for business.

If you don't currently have testimonials from customers, try asking customers for testimonials directly.

Now for you business owners who sell through websites or blogs, testimonials are one strategy to increase your sales conversions.

You can put testimonials on the website so that website visitors have more confidence in the products and services you sell.

The method is quite easy, you can use a WordPress testimonial plugin to make it look more attractive, not just images.

Benefits of Testimonials

There are several important benefits of having testimonials, the following is the discussion:

1. Increase trust for new consumers

As explained above, testimonials can increase trust in new customers.

They will think that the product or service they buy is trusted and has proven it directly.

So the potential for sales transactions to occur is even greater.

2. As a free marketing medium

Testimonials are a free and proven effective marketing strategy that can be applied in all areas of business.

Testimonials can increase buyer trust, so basically testimonials become a marketing medium by word of mouth.

But because we use a website, testimonials can be represented from reviews, pictures and videos.

3. As advertising material

You can use testimonials given by previous buyers as advertising material to attract new buyers.

By looking at testimonials, potential customers can be more trusted than just looking at advertising words.

4. Appreciation to consumers

Consumers who have given testimonials to the products or services that we sell can be given more appreciation, one of which is by displaying the testimonials they provide.

In fact, some consumers feel proud when their testimonials are displayed on our website.

Consumers feel valued and automatically become loyal to the products you sell.

5. As evaluation material

The benefit of the last testimonial is as an evaluation material for the products and services that we have.

Not all the testimonials that come in are good, read all the main testimonials that contain criticism or input.

If you have collected everything and evaluate it so that the products and services you sell can be even better in the future.

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

So to make testimonials more interesting, we have outlined and discussed the best WordPress testimonial plugins that you can install on your WordPress CMS.

Please follow the discussion below:

1. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials

Our first testimonial plugin recommendation is Strong Testimonials.

This plugin so far has had more than 100,000 active users installed.

This plugin has the advantage of filtering testimonials based on the selected category.

Visitors can also write testimonials on this plugin, which is a feature usually found in premium plugins.

About the appearance you can choose according to what you want, there are many themes to choose from.

2. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials

The easy testimonials plugin offers the advantage of being the fastest plugin to add testimonials to your website.

There are also free and paid versions available, you can post testimonials in any area of ​​your WordPress website by adding a shortcode.

For the paid version, customers can directly write their testimonials and have a variety of ready-to-use templates.

3. Widget Testimonials

Widget Testimonials

The third plugin recommendation is the testimonials widget.

To date, this plugin has more than 20,000 active users, meaning that this plugin is recommended for you to install.

You can get this testimonial plugin for free, there is also a premium version with more complete features.

This plugin offers displays in the form of carousels, slides, animations with text, images, audio and video.

In addition to being installed on a widget, you can also attach it to a post by adding a custom shortcode.

4. Testimonials


This plugin made by the ShapedPlugin developer is our next recommendation.

According to data, there have been more than 40,000 active installations of this plugin so far.

This plugin is able to display testimonials, reviews or quotes from consumers that you can customize.

This plugin already supports responsive display, so it won't break when opened using a mobile device.

5. WP testimonials with Rotator Widget

WP testimonials with rotator widget

Fifth, we recommend WP Testimonials with Rotator Widget.

This plugin made by the WP Online Support developer is able to display testimonials from consumers in the form of lists, grid views and sliders with a responsive display.

To install it is also easy, you just need to install 2 short shortcodes in the location you want.

6. Quick and Easy Testimonials

Quick and Easy Testimonials

The next six WordPress testimonial plugin recommendations are quick and easy testimonials.

As the name implies, this plugin has easy settings to be able to add testimonials on your website.

You only need to add the shortcode [testimonials] to the widget or post you want to display.

7. BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials

BNE testimonials have a perfect 5-star rating.

This plugin is able to add testimonials on any page including the post widget.

For appearance, you can enter a title, image, tagline, URL and also a message to readers.

To use it, just install a short shortcode in the desired location.

8. Testimonials Slider

Slider Testimonials

As the name implies, this testimonial is in the form of a slider with a clean, responsive, and beautiful appearance.

You can enter customer image data, name, company, website in the testimonial description.

So your testimony can be trusted, not just fake testimonials.

Until now the testimonials slider plugin already has an active installation of more than 10,000 users.

9. Genesis Testimonial Slider

Genesis Testimonials Slider

The ninth WordPress testimonial recommendation this time is similar to the previous one, namely using the name slider.

This plugin made by WP Studio until now has 10,000 active users installed.

This plugin has interesting features that you can try such as effects, rotate, pause, set speed, position and so on.

10. Basic Testimonials

Basic Testimonials

Tenth, the recommendation of a WordPress website plugin testimonial made by Kevin Archibald.

This plugin has complete features that are available in paid testimonial plugins.

If you are interested in this plugin you can get it for free at WordPress.org.

In addition to the ten plugins above, there are actually several recommended plugins such as Handsome Testimonials, Sola Testimonials, GS Testimonial Slider, Site Review, SeedProd, Facebook social review feed, Custom Twitter review feed and others.

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