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Xiaomi Retires Mobile Phone Brand "Mi"

Xiaomi stop producing Mobile Phone Brand "Mi"

Xiaomi's first mobile phone was the Mi 1 which was released 10 years ago in August 2011. Its presence was soon followed by the Mi 2, Mi 3, and the latest  Xiaomi Mi 11 which entered the Indonesian market this year.

But now, the sub-brand of mobile phones that are identical to Xiaomi will no longer be used. Xiaomi will only use its name without the "Mi" brand on its next phones. In other words, "Mi" is retired.

The name "Mi" has disappeared on Xiaomi's latest flagship phone, the Mix 4. Previously, the high-end phones from the series were called "Mi Mix", most recently until the Mi Mix 3 which was released in 2018.

A Xiaomi spokesperson who spoke to XDA Developers revealed that phones after the Mix 4 will also not carry the "Mi" sub-brand.

The same policy also applies to other types of products that have so far carried the "Mi" sub-brand, including TVs, laptops, and refrigerators.

As for the "Mi" products that have been circulating, there will not be a name change. The Xiaomi Mi 11, for example, will continue to be named as before.

It is not stated what is the reason behind the retirement of the "Mi" sub-brand. It is possible that Xiaomi wants to align its product branding in different market regions. In China, the manufacturer has indeed released some products without the nickname "Mi".

As for the name "Mi", Xiaomi founder Lei Jun once explained that the two-letter word stands for "Mobile Internet" and "Mission Impossible", representing Xiaomi's view as a mobile internet company that wants to achieve "impossible" achievements.

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