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What You Need to Know Before Going to Canada

Canada, historically known as the Dominion of Canada, is the northernmost country on the American continent. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa, where the national parliament and also the residence of the Governor-General and Prime Minister Is situated. A former colony of France and Great Britain, Canada is a member of La Francophonie and the Commonwealth of Nations.

    • Language: English and French
    • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Climate: Canada's climate varies according to geographic circumstances. Some areas in Canada experience a continental climate, where the winter experience is very cold and windy. Canada has favorable summers, especially on the west and east coasts.

    •  Time zone: UTC -3.5 to UTC -8

Communications: Canada has a telephone service that is supported by modern technology. Public phones can be operated using coins, credit cards, or special cards.

There are many activities and interesting places to visit while you are in Canada, for example:

Famous museums worth visiting during festivals and celebrations

    • Calgary Zoo
    • Glenbow Museum
    • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
    • Royal British Columbia Museum
    • Science World at Telus World of Science
    • Manitoba Museum
    • Winnipeg Art Gallery

Tourist attractions worth visiting

    • Historic District of Old Québec
    • Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
    • Ottawa Horse Races
    • CN Tower, Toronto
    • Bruce Peninsula
    • Niagara Falls

Public transport in Canada is known for its speed, cleanliness, and efficiency.

By Air

Most visitors enter Canada through its three main international airports, which are located in the three largest cities:

- Lester B. Pearson International Airport

  (27 km from Toronto)

- Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

  (25 km from Montreal)

- Vancouver International Airport

  (15 km from Vancouver)

The country is traversed by a dense domestic flight route. There are also small flight operators in the provinces or those heading to remote areas that have not been reached by other means of transportation.

Driving A Car

If you wish to rent a car in Canada, you must present your passport and return ticket. You will need a credit card to make a deposit; Most cars are equipped with radios and coolers (AC), and almost always have an automatic gearshift. Driving in Canada is on the right-hand side of the road.


The Canadian railroad, VIA Rail, is owned and operated by the government. You can travel by train from Vancouver to Toronto, and continue from there to Montreal, Quebec, and Halifax. VIA Rail also has an intercity rail line through the busy Ontario Corridor, which runs from Windsor to Quebec City via Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Greyhound buses have many cross-border bus routes connecting Canada with cities in America. Most bus routes in western Toronto are operated by the Canadian Greyhound, which offers travel services by comfortable buses. In western Vancouver and eastern Canada, the Greyhound collaborates with the carriers of the territory.

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