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10 Best Google Apps You Must Download On Your New Phone

Apart from being a giant search engine with trillions of users worldwide, Google also makes various useful applications for smartphone users. These applications are easy to use and also free of charge.

In this article, we have summarized the 10 best Google Apps that you can download from the Google Play Store according to their order of importance. 

Google App Recommendations For Smartphone Users

Google Maps

Compared to the Waze application (Google's alternative Maps), Google Maps provides more route options for different modes of transportation.

Also, Google Maps provides information on transportation which is equipped with an estimated trip time and cost.

Google Maps is also integrated with Google Street View which can provide current photos from a location. Of course, this will make it easier for you to find the location accurately.

In its latest update, Google Maps has also provided Indoor Maps (indoor maps) for crowded spots such as malls and parks.

Google Mail

Google Mail, or better known as Gmail, is the most popular email application in the world with a total of 5 billion+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

With this Google Mail application, you can access various other applications that are already integrated with Google.

In this application, there is also a grouping feature that divides your email into certain folders. This will make it easier for you to sort out which emails are important, and which ones are not a priority.

Apart from using a Google account, you can also use POP3 and IMAP email accounts, making it easier for non-Google email account users.

Google Search

Google Search is a very helpful application, it can help you find answers to almost every question by doing a simple search or with a voice search.

In addition, Google Search is integrated with various other Google applications such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Discover. This will certainly make it easier for you in your daily content search.

Google Board

Google Board, or Gboard for short, is a smartphone app that comes with many useful features.

One of the most popular features is voice typing and swipe typing. These two features allow users of the Google Board app to type quickly and easily.

Apart from that, you can also customize various aspects of this Gboard.

Aspects that can be adjusted include: keyboard height, theme, language, spelling correction, dictionary, and writing language.

Google Drive

One of the main advantages of Google Drive as Cloud Storage is its integration with Google Docs and Gsuite (Google-based business email application).

For free accounts, you will get 15 GB of storage space. This capacity will also be reduced by the use of Gmail and Google Photos. If you run out of space, you can buy additional storage ranging from 100GB to 2 TB.

This application can be very helpful for those who often run out of storage space on their smartphones.


The Snapseed application is the result of a NikSoftware development which was later acquired by Google. This photo editor application is predicted to be the main rival of VSCO and Photoshop Mobile which is a favorite of mobile photography fans.

Snapseed also offers advanced features such as brush, heal, clone stamp, and others. If you're a photo freak then you need to get this app. 

Google Primer

Google launched an application for smartphones to provide courses on digital marketing at a startup.

Primer is a mobile application that aims to provide business experts with knowledge, tips, quizzes, case studies, and insights into running a business.

This application from Google can help you get customers and avoid business mistakes that often occur.

Digital marketing courses that you can take on Google Primer includes content marketing, media coverage, search engine marketing, and others.

If you're a business owner, MSMEs or freelancer, you need to download the Google Primer application.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note application made by Google which was released in 2013. The application makes it easier for you to record anything with a variety of formats, such as writing, graffiti, pictures, and sound.

One of the great things about Google Keep is that it's available on multiple devices at once. This will allow you to synchronize the notes on your phone for later checking on your computer, and vice versa. So, you don't have to go back to your smartphone while working on your computer.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a visual search application that uses camera sensors to find similar images from the internet.

This application makes it very easy for those of you who often have trouble finding the names of items you want to buy from online stores.

Apart from that, Google Lens can also read barcodes, QR codes, and extract text from the photos you take.

Google Translate

Google Translate has become an everyday translation solution for billions of users.

With technological developments, now Google Translate can instantly translate an article from your smartphone camera.

This is of course very helpful for those of you who frequently travel abroad to read signs, menus, shop names, and so on.

Also, there is a translation feature from Audio. So you can directly communicate in a foreign language.

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