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5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Blogger Template

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Blogger Template  For SEO

The blogger template is a very important and very influential factor when setting up a blog. If your blog template is SEO-friendly, then your blog posts will have no issue getting first-page ranking on Google and other search engines. So before creating a blog, it's better to first decide which template you want to use.

But you also don't  have to rely too much on blog templates, because quality content and SEO are the main strengths of your blog. Blog templates are good, but if the content is not excellent and does not apply the necessary SEO technique, then it's of no use, so in essence, these three determinants must be well applied.

Before you choose a template you have to ensure that the template has been optimized and of good quality.

What criteria should one consider when selecting a blogger template?

1. Responsive/Mobile-Friendly

What is a responsive blogger template? A responsive blogger template is a blogger template that can adjust its width and element size to a visitor's device and screen size, usually, blogs that are already using a responsive blog template will end in URL /?M=1.

Responsive blogger templates are designed for smartphone users, and in this age there are more smartphone users compared to PC users, so articles published on such templates will more easily penetrate the top results of Google search.

2. Loading Speed

Loading speed is very important if you want your blog to rank on Google and other search engines. Slow loading blogs annoy and drive away visitors and this leads to a poor bounce rate. This can affect the performance of your blog in search results.

To check the loading speed of a template using any of the free speed checking tools on the web, you can find these tools by doing a simple search on Google.

If your blog has an ad, the blog's speed will automatically decrease because it has to load ads.

3. SEO Score 

Blogs that have good SEO quality will be easily recognized by Google and Google will assume that your blog is the most relevant blog when someone enters a keyword that leads to your blog's keyword.

You can check your SEO score using free tools or applications on the play store such as SEO checker, Sinium SEO, moz.com, and many more. The minimum SEO score for a blog is 50%, so if you have implemented SEO on your blog but your SEO score is still below 50%, then you have to change your template.

4. Good Template Structure

You also have to pay attention to the structure of the template, especially in the navigation menu, because the navigation menu is also influential on SEO performance and your blog's indexing. In addition to the navigation menu, try to find a blog template that already supports the breadcrumbs feature and the sitelinks search box.

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Breadcrumbs and sitelinks search boxes can help your blog index faster and speed up your blog getting sitelinks from Google. Sitelinks are something that bloggers crave.

5. Template Must Be Clean

A clean template is a template with a good code structure and no unnecessary scripts, especially if the blog template contains malware or scripts that can harm visitors. A clean blog template gives you an edge when you apply for a Google Adsense account, while a less clean template puts you at a high risk of being rejected by Adsense. If your blog is rejected by Adsense with a valuable inventory problem: 2 things might be the cause, namely; problems with the navigation menu and problems with the code structure or templates that are not clean enough.

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