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5 Criteria For A User-Friendly Website

5 Criteria For A User-Friendly Website

There are many things that must be considered in order to create a user-friendly website, because the more friendly your website is, the greater the chance to attract more visitors to that page. Great design and very professional looking content doesn't just make your website easy to find for many visitors.  

So, what are the criteria for a user friendly website?

1. Memorable Domain Name

The first thing you have to make sure is choosing a domain name that is easy to remember. This domain name can be tailored to the type of website you want to create.

Remember, that the main purpose of creating a user friendly website is so that visitors can easily find the information they need immediately. So keep the domain name easy to remember so that visitors can return to your site anytime they feel like.

Ensure the domain name is short, memorable, catchy, and niche specific. A short domain name will certainly make your website easy to remember. Next, make sure that the domain name also includes the brand name that you created.

It would be perfect if the domain name can be memorable so that it will be remembered by visitors even if it is the first time they visit your page.

2. Consistent, Scanable Display

To make it easy and comfortable for visitors to visit your website, make sure it looks consistent and can be scanned. Website visitors don't want to waste time looking for buried information. So, make sure that any information you provide on the website can be found easily.

You can use pages with lots of text to break things down and make them more specific, such as titles and lists. In the list, display the most important information at the top, followed by secondary details. You can also add a "Search" feature to the website so that the information structure is clearer.

3. Responsive And Compatible Design

One of the reasons why you want to create a user friendly website is definitely because many users want to visit it in search of information. Because now many people often use smartphones to access the internet, websites must also be accessible via smartphones using various browsers.

Make sure that the website design is no different when accessed via PC and smartphone.

4. Fast Loading Speed

Visitors to a website definitely don't want their time to be consumed by waiting for a page that takes a long time to load one page.

With so many websites scattered on the internet and various kinds of information provided, surely visitors will prefer another website with a faster loading time so that they can immediately get the information they need.

So, to avoid this kind of thing, make your website a high enough loading speed.

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5. Simplify The Language of The Content

Website visitors are bound to have different backgrounds. Whether from among those who are professional and understand a certain field or ordinary people who are looking for information.

So, to make the website user friendly, use simple and concise language. You can also provide a title, subtitles, bullet points, and other formats. It is okay to use professional language to show that the website is trustworthy, but it is also important to pay attention to the level of knowledge of each web visitor.

Having known some of the criteria for a user-friendly website, you can now proceed to create your own website. Don't forget to also make sure that the website created has the ability to be accessed by many people at one time. Good luck!

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