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5 Main Functions of Computer RAM You Should know

5 Main Functions of Computer RAM That You Should know

As a computer literate, It is believed that you're familiar with the term RAM or Random Access Memory, a type of computer memory used to store machine codes and working data. RAM can also be used as primary data storage, but some are used as secondary data storage in the long term. We usually find these devices in computers and other gadgets such as smartphone.

The focus of this article is on the main functions of the computer Random Access Memory. Below are the 5 main functions of the computer RAM.

1. Plays Vital Role In Computer Multitasking 

Multitasking here can be interpreted as a condition where the computer can run more than one application at once. This RAM function is not only run on computers but also on gadgets like the smartphone that you are currently using.

Thus, if the RAM size gets bigger, the multitasking process on a computer or gadget will be smoother. If the size gets bigger, it can avoid hanging on a computer and freezing on a smartphone.

2. As a Temporary Memory Storage

Furthermore, the RAM function that you need to know is as a temporary memory storage. This function is the most important function of RAM. The memory in RAM will then be forwarded to the CPU to process information from existing applications and programs and store it in RAM.

The processing of this information is very fast. It can even be done in seconds. However, this depends on the size of RAM you are using. The easy thing is that the bigger the RAM capacity, the faster the memory storage process in a computer is.

3. Can Determine Gadget Specifications

Not only that, you can also use the RAM function to determine the specifications of a gadget. When you choose a new computer or other gadget besides the CPU, another benchmark is RAM. Therefore, you should choose RAM that can support your usage needs.

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For example, if you use a smartphone or gadget for daily use, you can choose a RAM capacity that is not too large. For computers and other gadgets, a minimum of 4GB RAM is enough for daily use. Whether it's for applications or games that are basic. However, if you use it for other purposes, you can increase the RAM capacity to 8GB or beyond to make the process hitch-free.

4. Can Be Accessed Anytime

Unlike ROM, the RAM function is very flexible. When viewed in terms of memory storage, RAM can store a lot of random data. While ROM can only store internal data. From here we can see that RAM has more advantages. That way you can use it anytime and anywhere. However, you also need to be checking the RAM capacity every now and then to ascertain if there is still space so as to prevent unexpected crashing of applications and consequent loss of data.

4. Play a Vital Role in Gaming And Design

For those who like to play games and always have tasks with design-based and 3D applications, a large enough RAM will be very important in helping the process. This is due to the fact that these two applications have a large space capacity. Just imagine if the application you are using is large while the RAM used is insufficient or the size is quite small. Of course this will have a negative impact on the performance of your computer or smartphone and it will be slower than usual.

I'm glad you now know the function of RAM in computers and smartphones, it is also important for you to pay attention to the type and size of RAM when choosing it to support gadget performance.

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