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How To Increase Your Blog's Domain Authority (The Definitive Guide)

How to Increase domain authority

After trying to understand various ways through Google, I finally found a way to make domain authority increase easily and practically. Please read it to the end and don't forget to practice your knowledge.

Well, what are some ways to increase the domain authority that I have done? Let's look at my review below, but before that it's good we know more about domain authority (DA).

What is Domain Authority (DA) ?

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric or measure developed by Moz to assess the quality of a website. DA scores show the level of trust in a website. The higher the DA score obtained, the greater the chance that our blog will rank first on search engine pages like Google.

DA scores themselves range from 1-100 but only sites like Google and Facebook have perfect DA scores. So we don't need to set a target to reach a score of 100. For personal bloggers, if you can get a DA score above 15, then you're good to go. 

Even some SEO experts argue that search engines like Google also use DA scores to determine page rank on their site pages. This opinion is not without reason, because not a few websites or blogs with high DA successfully occupy the first page of search engines.

That's why DA is important for bloggers who want to earn income from blogging. Because with a high DA score, the chances of our blog being on the first page of the search engine results are higher. 

Of course, if our blog post is ranked first on a search engine result page, then that will invite a lot of traffic and page views. The more traffic and page views that come, the greater our chances of earning from our blogs.

So domain authority is important for those who want to diligently pursue the world of blogging. If you are blogging to the limit of fun, then you don't need to bother yourself about it. 
But if you really want to make money from blogging, then you must know how to increase your blog's Domain Authority, which of course you have to use a Top Level Domain (TLD). 

Factors affecting Domain Authority

After reading various references I got an explanation that actually there are many factors that can influence the ups and downs of the  Domain Authority (DA) value. But these three factors generally affect domain authority;

Domain Popularity

Domain popularity has to do with the number of incoming links (backlinks) to your blog. The more backlinks you receive, the greater chance your blog will get a high DA score. 

But keep in mind, the important thing here is not the quantity, but the quality of the incoming links to your blog. 

Meaning it would be better if you get 2 quality backlinks from reputable blogs than 100 spam backlinks from bad sites. Instead of having a good impact, backlinks coming from bad sites will drop your blog's reputation before search engines.

However, building backlinks is not an easy job. Therefore, before building backlinks, start improving your contents.

If your blog has useful contents and many people read it, then they will most likely introduce it to other websites, blogs or social networks and consequently, your domain name will become popular.

Domain Size

Domain size is related to how many posts you have on your blog, that is, the number of pages indexed by Google and other search engines. The more posts or content you make, the greater the size of your blog domain. 

That is why bloggers who pursue high DA scores must be diligent in updating their blog. If not every day, at least every week or at least every month there must be new content created.

But just the amount of content is not enough to be a reference because search engines like Google will also judge how high quality content you create.

Domain Age 

Moz assessment of the domain authority of a blog also cannot be separated from the age of the domain. The longer the existence of a domain, the higher the DA value of the domain. 

A search engine will consider an old and active domain worthy of a high value and that can also affect its ranking in the search results page.

How to Increase Domain Authority

There are many ways that can actually be taken to increase the domain authority score of a blog. But I will discuss the six major ways in this article.

6 Ways To Improve Domain Authority;

1. Become a Guest Writer

Here, the first step is to find a suitable blog.

After finding a suitable blog to write, then seek permission from the  owner of the blog to publish your content. In return, they must allow you to include Dofollow backlinks pointing to your own site, so it's equally profitable.

There are lots of bloggers who need guest writers to fill in their content. In addition to blogs, several large sites also provide space for other bloggers to become writers. You can hunt for anyone you prefer.

2. Building Good Internal Links

Many people ask, why the Domain Authority (DA) which is mainly influenced by external factors still requires internal links. That's because, this factor is very relevant if explored further.

We know that internal links are very influential on the Page Authority (PA). Page authority is influenced by three elements, namely internal links, number of backlinks and keyword density. So it still influences the Domain Authority.

Fixing internal links will have a big effect on the Page Authority, not on the backlink. But if the internal link is good, it will have a big effect on the domain authority. 

3. Updating Content Regularly

This step is also important because the Domain Authority will be formed by itself, especially if the blog update contains quality content. If not every day, make it once a week or a month.

Some famous bloggers don't have time to build backlinks (off-page SEO) so they only focus on on-page SEO and keep updating their websites regularly and from there they build their domain authority.

4. Removing Broken links

Broken links are links, which when clicked will not lead to the page being searched. Broken links not only affect our domain authority, but also present our blog as fake before visitors. 

The existence of broken links can cause damage to our blog's reputation on the search engines and consequently, appearing on the first page of search results will no longer be a free ride.

To know if there are broken links on your blog, you can visit, if you find them on your blog, then you have to remove everything. Remember, you can't get rid of them in one go, you have to remove everything manually.

5. Promoting Blog Posts on Social Media

You can promote your blog posts on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Many bloggers have already implemented this method, including myself. Create different channels, account, page and group on these media networks with your blog's title and update them regularly. 

Promoting your blog on these channels will help generate more social signals for your blog. 

6. Creating Quality Content

Actually, if we are able to create quality content, then achieving a high domain authority (DA) score is not difficult task. That's why content is king. 
Avoid copying content from other blogs to re-post, it will do more harm than good to your blog's reputation. Search engines and users will lose interest in your blog and their focus will be shifted to where you're copying content from.

Hopefully, these 6 ways will go a long way in helping you build your Domain authority without much stress. 

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  1. Thanks a lot. This is an extremely practical guide to grow DA and subsequently page rank. Thanks a lot for sharing


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