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How To Fix "Screen Overlay Detected" Issue On Tecno W2

How To Stop, Fix Screen Overlay Issue On Tecno W2

If you try installing any app on your Tecno W2 and you're hit by a message like this:

Screen overlay detected
To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off the screenoverlayin Settings > Apps.

Relax! It as a result of some apps already modified on your device to allow screen overlay

What is Screen Overlay?

A screen overlay is a part of an app that can display over the top of other apps. The most well-known example is chat heads in Facebook Messenger. But apps need your permission to use screen overlays, and sometimes this can cause problems.

How to fix Screen Over lay

The simplest fix is to basically do what the dialog box tells you to do. The language is a little confusing, but what it's asking you to do is:

i. Launch the Settings app from your home screen or app drawer.
ii. Scroll down and tap Apps.
iii. Tap the setting icon at the top.
iv. In the advance area tap Draw over other apps
iv. Now all the apps that has to do with screen overlay permission will be displayed, click on any of the app, you'll see ''permit drawing over other apps" off this permission if already on. Do same for all the apps that are there and make make sure the "permit drawing over other apps" permission is off for all the apps there, having done this you can now save and go back and install your app.

Once you're done, try launching the apps you were originally using once again. You'll now be able to grant them permissions and start using them as normal.

NOTE: This process is completely harmless to your files. 
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