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Virtual Learning: The Importance of Google Classroom

How To Teach Online Using Google Classroom

In a bid to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, many educational  institutions in Nigeria have adopted the virtual learning method. With this, teaching and learning activities must be done individually from home using a web-based classroom.

You don't need to panic, there are many technologies that support this, not even just supporting teaching and learning activities alone, online meetings and other vital activities can be done from home.

For teaching and learning activities, one of the Google's utility applications can be used, namely Google Classroom.
Google Classroom is a free web service, designed by Google for educational institutions, to help streamline creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless format.

Google Classroom Features For Effective Home Study

In terms of features, Google Classroom has several advantages that can be relied upon, here are some advantages that can make studying at your home more effective.

1. Arrange Classes

The feature to arrange classes in Google Classroom will be very useful for students or even students, especially for teachers.

With this feature, schools can arrange classes according to their needs, for example adjusted to grade levels or with certain criteria.

In addition, with this feature the school can arrange class schedules that can be adjusted to the schedule of teaching and learning activities as usual.

2. Google Import Form

In order to make learning at home more interactive, through the Google form, the instructor can create a questionnaire for students .

The results of the questionnaire can then be imported into Google Classroom so students can find out the results they get.

This feature can also help to test when a material has been delivered, with features that are easy to use.

3. Single View

In the single view feature, the teacher can do the task distribution and task collection, where the teacher can control the running of the task through this feature.

Students can show the completed tasks then collected through this feature, then the teacher can check them one by one through the filter system.

In addition, this feature allows teachers to do archiving easily and separate assignments that have been assessed with those that have not.

4. Class Transfer

Now, the class transfer feature can make it easier for teachers to conduct teaching and learning activities without having to make a lot of Google Classroom.

With this feature, when a teacher has finished , another teacher can easily continue from there with equal access to all facilities.

Included in the case of assignments, through Google Drive the instructor can easily access each task that will be given without using a lot of archives.

There are still some other features that can be used in Google Classroom, such as creating a discussion room and evaluating in real time.

So, with the help Google Classroom, teaching and learning from home is a very easy task to accomplish.
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