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Download DELSU GST Past Questions And Answers

General Studies{GST} is a course for all 100 level irrespective of your course or department, you must offer GST.

GST is very easy to fail and also very easy to pass.

It is always the first exam you write in your 100 level before you write your faculty or department exam

GST 101 is Use of English and Library and GST 102 is Philosophy and Human Existence. They are in the same textbook.

Different lecturers will always come to the hall to teach the course

If you pass your GST, if by luck you have an A in GST 101 and B in GST 102. Your CGPA will rejoice especially if you do well in your faculty and departmental courses.

Well, as a new student don't joke with any class. Try your possible best not to miss any class and don't depend on lecturer note alone, always read wide. Go to night class if possible. Some people will say "who night class don help" until then. Hey, tutorial is also very important go for tutorials.

100 level is the best level to gather all your grades, some old students wish they were serious in their 100 level right now but they decided to play away their time. And live to regret it.

Hmmmmmm... First semester exam in 100 level is always challenging, students don't always perform well. Most of their results are always poor, the reason is because freshers are not used to the system and University questions are new to them and they still have 0'level mentality. But try your best and God will do the rest.

But freshers are more focus in their second semester especially when they start seeing their first semester results. And the system is not new to them again. Those that weren't serious in their first semester will be very serious due to their poor results in their first semester.

Those girls that always catwalk to class, wearing heels will know the reason why they are in DELSU, if they are in school to show off or to read they will know by then.

Those wizkid and Davido kind of guys that sag to class, wear all sort of clothes or skip class will later discover their purpose in school.

Don't allow friends to influence you. If you read you will pass. That's the truth.

Do you know that you can block and still fail and have that course has carry-over? Think about that and be wise.

When preparing for exam, get past questions. Past questions are very important, lecturers do set some of their exam questions from past question most time and always remember that exam period is not a pleasurable period, is not a period for flexing.

Please always remember so many people look up to you as their hope. Don't disappoint them. Never forget where you come from.

We have provided a softcopy of the summary of both courses with questions and answers to easy your studies, feel free to download them below. 

Click Here To Download GST101
Click Here To Download GST102
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